Industrial solution

TM Norway’s unique technology enables you to automate the process of filling high-pressure gas cylinders safely and efficiently.

Automation facilitates efficient production planning, with minimal reduction of uptime when changing receptacles. The automated process also means there is no need for employees to enter hazardous areas or perform heavy tasks manually.

The result is short lead times on small product batches and improved product traceability.

8-stations fully automated gas filling carousel

The benefits of automation include short lead times on small product batches, lean logistics, improved traceability, efficient production planning and no loss of uptime when changing receptacles.

Step 1 Preparing the automated process

Receiver and output station. The robot hands over cylinders of various sizes and heights. The carousel adjusts the orientation and height of the cylinders ready for adapter connection.

Step 2 Adjust & measure

Adjust the valve outlet with vision system when connecting a filling/blow-off adapter. Open the cylinder valve, measure the residual pressure inside the cylinder and store the result.

The carousel is able to connect to 8 different types of valve outlet (DS, BS, DIN, AFNOR and CGA standards) on both inline and offline valves. It can also handle integrated valves such as VIPRs.

Step 3  Blow-down the residual pressure

Automated blow-down of the cylinder’s residual pressure to 3.5 bar.

Step 4 Vacuum sequence

Start the vacuum sequence to prepare the cylinders for filling.

Step 5 Select filling station

Filling station 1: Main gas or single gases.

Step 6 Variety of cylinder size

Filling station 2: For mix gas or single gas filling, the carousel can handle cylinder sizes from 5 to 50 litres.

Step 7 Checking the filling pressure.

After filling, measure the filling pressure and store the data. Close the cylinder valve and check the valve for leakage over the valve seat.

Disconnect the filling adapter and then seal the valve outlet with shrink wrap.

Step 8 Final step

Output to storage or direct to customer order.

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