TM3-16 Liquid CO2 Cylinder Filling machines

TM3-16 Tree functions and up to 16 cylinders per batch, (impurity control, vacuum treatment and filling)

The TM 3-16 CO2 Filling machine is designed for easy and cost-efficient filling of CO2 cylinders in pallets. The cylinders are individually vacuum treated and controlled for water-based impurities before filling. Non conformities on addressed alarm list (unfit for filling). Cylinder in pallets of identical types, from 3 to 80kg. Accuracy to OMIL R 117-1 Complies with EU 178/2002 regulation for FOOD gases and guidelines to prevent overfill and corrosion due to water based impurities (EIGA 83/02/E, 95/03/E and UN/SCETDG/22/INF.37)
Individual impurity inspection gives 100% control even without the use of NRV/RPV cylinder valves

  • Ergonomic work: Operator works from the catwalk. A pallet lifter lifts the
    small cylinder up to individual working height for connection.
  • Economic: Cost efficient even compared to manual top fill
    (not recommended) with volumes from 20' cylinders/year. Machine
    capacity from 40 cylinders (13,4L) per hour with operator involved 20%.
    Capacity is slightly reduced if RPV valves is used.
  • Quality:100% control of water based impurities and receipted based
    treatment for air based impurities- extremely high repeatability
  • Will fit into any existing supply system.
  • Short start up time, easy to use menus and recipes. Online software
    support and assistance agreement available (recommended).
  • Options for electric hand tool for filling connections and cylinder valve open-/closing.

  • Recommended calibration intervals for mass flow and water vapor is two years

  • Recommended service intervals for valves is > 150 000 cylinders

  • Filled accuracy Class 1,5 according to OIML R 117-1

  • Foot print 3,1 x 2,3 and height 2,7 m. Transported in a case of 2,4x 2,4x2,4m

The CO2 cylinders have to be emptied and stored above freezing temperature before filling. Logistically it will fit into working routines for Palletized cylinder gas filling.
FAST, SAFE, EASY and EFFICIANT. Some satisfied fillers have named it "The moon-Lander"